Raido Massage Therapy

Hi everybody and welcome to  Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this blog. Over the coming months I have lots of exciting ideas for topics I’d like to discuss.  For now, I thought it would be best to talk about how I came up with the name Raido Massage Therapy and how that name applies to my massage practice and this blog.

Simply put, Raido is a rune that refers to a journey; this can signify a physical, intellectual or spiritual journey.  When I moved to Saskatoon in my twenties, my older brother and I decided to get tattoos together as a way to commemorate the event.  After thinking of different designs we could use, we decided runes would be a very fitting option. My brother chose the rune Dagaz (or “breakthrough”) while I chose to have Raido forever imprinted on my left shoulder.  The idea of journey seemed a perfect fit to represent both my relocation to Saskatoon as well as my desire to reinvent myself.  Since then, that tattoo has become a lodestone of sorts, keeping me connected to my roots and guiding me on my journey to become a better version of myself.

I struggled when trying to choose a name when I decided to set up shop downtown.  Everything I came up with was myo this or body that, nothing seemed to reflect me or my approach to massage.  Then one day as I was reminiscing about my time in Saskatoon since moving here, it came to me.  What about Raido?  It was perfect, it truly was a part of me and ties in to my goals as a massage therapist.  I believe wellness is a journey and that massage therapy can be an important step towards reaching the goal of better physical and mental health.  My intent with Raido has been to create a comforting space where I can help clients on their path to well being, whether that is through a deep tissue treatment to help lengthen tight muscles, a relaxation massage to ease away tension or somewhere in between.

I guess that’s about it for my first blog post.  I’m excited for an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through writing these posts.  I’d like to invite you along for the journey, I plan on posting here about twice a month.  In the coming months I will be writing about conditions I encounter often as an RMT, take a deeper look into different muscle groups of the body and chronicle my (mis)adventures as I head back to the gym in an effort to combat the steady flow of time and my deep and abiding love of ice cream.