what I offer


individualized treatment

I use a range of assessment protocol to help set up meaningful treatment plans for my clients.  While not a diagnosis, appropriate assessment can help me determine what may be behind a client’s present condition and make informed decisions on how best to proceed with treatment.

deep tissue

individualized treatment

This treatment targets deep muscle and connective tissues that are chronically tight and stiff through repetitive motion /injuries. It aids in realigning muscles and tissues by breaking down adhesions and relieving tension. This treatment is recommended for individuals with chronic pain, recovering from injuries, Osteoarthritis, postural conditions, and repetitive strain.


individualized treatment

A purely indulgent massage that is all about treating yourself, designed to melt away the days stress.  This full body treatment uses slower gliding strokes to soothe sore muscles and relieve tension.


individualized treatment

Massage helps to ease tension, promote circulation, soothe sore muscles and maintain mobility as a woman’s body changes throughout the pregnancy.

assisted stretching

individualized treatment

A great way to reinforce the benefits of the massage treatment, assisted stretching targets the muscles worked during the treatment helping further relieve tension and decrease adhesions.

foot therapy 

individualized treatment

An indulgent addition to pamper your feet at the end of any treatment. 


  30 minute                          $45

  60 minute                          $70

  90 minute                        $110

120 minute                        $130




assisted stretching $35


A more comprehensive 20 minute stretching session added to the end of a massage treatment.  A real great option following an intense deep tissue massage.

separate assessment $15


For clients with more complicated conditions and may want a more thorough assessment to aid in building a comprehensive results oriented treatment plan.  This 10 minute session will be in addition to the allotted treatment time.

foot therapy $15


A warm foot wrap and replenishing foot scrub then finished with a soothing foot massage.


receive free foot therapy treatment with your next massage for every new client you refer!

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.”
– Shakti Gawain

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